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Dealfigure Entertainment
"Founded in Queen’s, New York, Deal Figure Entertainment is at the forefront of delivering Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, Dancehall and Reggae that puts fans first while their artists deliver music that changes the way music Lovers dance to music. As one of the leading providers of music entertainment, Deal Figure Entertainment combines its’ artist line up with quality beat and riddim production with their artists swagger to give fans the ultimate in music entertainment. Committed to a strategy of giving artists an open door to the world, Deal Figure Entertainment explores many musical genres, and delivers their artists products through world wide network and distribution channels making music appealing to all."
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I, Michael Campebell Artists name styafiya, am a middle-aged enthusiastic songs’ writer and music producer. My life
initiated from the Jamaica Island. I opened my sparkling eyes with a heart of gold in the
Westmoreland Sheffield parish in Jamaica Island on June 20, 1976. I was 13 years old, in 1989,
when I moved to USA. My life cycle can be traced from 1990 during my early education for
which I selected Junior High School in 108-35 167th St s8, Queens, NY 11433, USA. This was
the first school I went to. Next, I switched to Andrew Jackson High school for completing my
high school education. Later, I continued my education at York College in Jamaica along with
my passion of photography. I have founded a music store in 2009 at New York City named as
Dealfigure entertainment. My strength lies in my family as I have been blessed by two children,
named Melisha and Genesis who have been my lucky charm ever since their birth.

Career in music:

I started my journey with the music from the very early years of my life and won a number of
music contests. During the early 90s, the Jamaica Queens saw my name popping up in the
underworld Dancehall community in the New York City. The worth mentionable person from
those days is DJ Sharky Superforce. He was a gem who called on me many times in his show to
perform and play my music in the Dancehall world of music.


By profession, I am associated with the industry of music but my hobby includes teaching.
Teaching is my passion after music. I spread my thoughts to the wider audience using the online
platforms. My teachings are especially for young people.

Life changing incident:

I started from scratch or in other terms 5 cents was the money I began to accumulate. The story
starts from my employment in Costco wholesale, all of a sudden the job was no more in my
domain and I did not have any other job option left. That was the heart-wrenching time as I lost
my house in Florida, too. At that time, I was jobless and homeless. I was left with the only option
of picking up the cans and bottles from streets and sell them for 5 cents. I used this money for
making music. Soon I joined Hilltop music studio. Dave, nicknamed DizzoRocks, was the
engineer there. I became part of the locksmith record as CEO. The team was labeled as LSR.
When I left this studio I was able to start my own studio named Dealfigure Entertainment. The
studio privileges fas and create music according to their taste.
 United States
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