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Thank you for everyone that participated in Earth Hour! I thank BlackBird considerably for the effort that he put going to so many channels spreading the word. I tried to contribute the best I could being with such limited time I had. I had work this morning so I had to rush around with trying to do my part as well.

Why did I post this ”Don’t Force Us” picture up? Well, I’ll give ya 2 reasons. A) Because Google is forcing us to switch us to the ugly Channel One design, along with the fact that there’s always change on that website overall. B) Because there is a user named BlackBird that is removing my comments because he’s annoyed that 7 comments over 5 minutes is a bit excessive. Even though this incident happened 2 months ago, I haven’t gotten over it since, and I never will either. I have a list of complaints to mention for such a person.

First off, BlackBird decides to accuse me of deleting his comments immediately after posting them when I really didn’t. He claimed there was 20 comments sent to him. How could he had been blind not to notice that I hit the ”reply” button when I made a reply to his comment on my channel? That’s why those comments weren’t on his channel. ALSO, his email server probably got overloaded from comments from OTHER people that he only got a few from me. I have SEEN his other friends comment and they made the same number of comments and yet they login and comment on his channel every single day. I DON’T EVEN COME ON HERE AS OFTEN AS YOU MIGHT THINK! HE NEEDS TO GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK! SERIOUSLY! Secondly, I do not see him in my ”subscribers” box, which implies that my crow background did not impress him well enough. Thirdly, BlackBird never accepted my friend invite and he might as well not be my friend if he’s going to act the way he’s acting.

SO don’t force me to tell on BlackBird with so many people, because I WILL! That’s the worst I can really do, because I can’t really hate him since I am the one being the bully.

So! Who am I you may ask? Well, I happen to be a guy that subscribes to 1,000 people per day just for the fun of it. I don’t watch their videos. I just subscribe, that’s it. I don’t watch many videos anymore unless it’s from someone special to me. I’ve subscribed to over 100,000 people using over 100 YouTube accounts, and Google suspended me from doing that. I’ve been blocked and reported multiple times just for helping people get subscribers when they found out they were just coming from bot websites. I hate Google, and they just think that they can suspend everybody. That is just crap! It really is. That is why I am here. I am just here to shed my tears of anger away at my negative experiences on YOUTUBE. I got my jhirzel88 account hacked on there, so I lost all my 51,000 subscribers that I had. I deserved it, because I’m just a total cheater and a jerk to everyone.

I am SO MAD now because of BlackBird. He ruined my YouTube channel by having me disable all my channel comments. It was for my own good. For the past 2 months I have never posted any YouTube comments because I swore to God that I would NEVER EVER EVER post another comment on any YouTube channels or videos for as LONG AS I LIVE! BlackBird was right when he said ”This is not gonna look good fur you” because he was right. Well, since he is going to call me a spammer, so guess you are a spammer too and so is everyone else. Comments are fur losers! That’s what I think. Okay? That is the truth. In all my years on YouTube, I’ve never had such a situation like this ruin me so much. That’s why from now on, I am only going to comment things that help other people.

My YouTube channel is here: Go there to see the horrible change Google is doing to their users. Just LOOK at it and continue to grief the anger that that continue to cause us.

Also, I have news regarding my jhirzel88 zippcast account. The staff at that lousy website deleted my channel because I was inactive for 2 months. I said on the top of my profile that I deleted my videos on there when I really didn’t. They were on private, so when my channel got closed down, I lost my videos. I would just like to say SCREW ZIPPCAST. I left ZippCast because of another user on there named asdfhero that labeled me a spammer. I hate him and I think everyone ELSE should too. Don’t EVER join ZippCast because it’s full of trolls and haters.
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Bordentown, NJ
I got my Associates’ in Computer Science at Burlington County College but I decided to switch to Computer Engineering for when I transfer to Drexel University this Fall. I’ll have some remaining credits to take so I’m still at BCC in the meantime.
Bike riding, researching birds
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Tommy Boy, Paulie, American Idol, Spongebob Squarepants, South Park, Everybody Hates Chris
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Hip-Hop and Dance. I go all the way on the dance music, ranging from David Guetta to Shrillex. I also like Ke$ha, Brittany Spears, and Lady GaGa. I used to like rock, but there’s only a few good ones that still exist such as Linkin Park. I like a little bit of country like Taylor Swift, Hunter Hayes, The Band Perry and Lady Antebellum.

The only type of music I can’t stand is Jazz and most R&B.
Favorite Books
Harry Potter. I don’t read that book anymore, but if there was another series out, I wouldn’t mind reading it. I really don’t read much unless I’m looking online for information, so that’s why I can’t list anything else.
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