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Alexis White cat bomber
I'm just a Classic!White Bomber Fangirl Tween who's WAY SMARTER than Bomberman Fangirls Nowadays (even the ones with OCs, OF COURSE who go on ABSOLUTELY NOTHING but Super Bomberman R) unless if they actually hate SBR, and that's it...
Do NOT Subscribe/Follow me if:
✖️You ONLY go on Super Bomberman R for the Bomberman Fandom
✖️You are a Creator/Fan/Supporter of "Canon x OC ships on Super Bomberman R content" (I FUCKING HATE those kind of Bomberman Fanart/Animation content when it comes to featuring OCs... ┌∩┐([◣◢])┌∩┐)
✖️You are an annoying Bomberman/White Bomber x Pretty Bomber Shipper (Same goes to the "bAWl BOmBeRMAn/wHiTe BOmBeR iS taKEN fROm pRETty bOmBEr!!!111!!1!1!!" excuse)
✖️You FORCED me to be like many/most Young Girls with their Fandoms (I will DENIED everything EXCEPT for the stuff that I like from them) (It's okay if you show me stuff that may NOT be part of my interest that didn’t p★ssed me, I'm cool with that)
✖️You think that ALL Bomberman Fans (Even the ones with OCs) like Super Bomberman R (Denied that excuse as well)
✖️You support people like "SBR!Bomberman Fangirls (AKA Bomberman Fangirls Nowadays)", "TikTok Girls", "Gacha Kids (Even though I like Humanoid/Headgear/Hybrid Character Designs)" & "GoAnimaters/Vyonders (I CAN'T believe I used to like their Content back in 2013, THANK GOD I FINALLY OUTGREW of their Content in 2019 for good)"
✖️You go on any of my Domains (Especially the Non-Social Media ones) to just make fun of me/insult me, all because I'm a Classic!White Bomber Fangirl Tween who's being DIFFERENT than many/most Bomberman Fangirls, or go/say "wHAT tHe fWUck iS yOUR FwUcKiNG pRoBLem bWiTCH1!1!1!1!1!1!!1!1!1!" Even "Body Inflations", "Big Bellies" & Others? I will NEVER tolerate to you Haters whenever you're all going to LIKE IT or not
✖️You're a NFT/NFT Supporter (GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY PLACE!!!)
Credits to CAT (from this site)
____K _____█
___I _____███
__T ______█_██
__T ______█_███
__Y _____████████
___ ____███████████████
__A ___█████████████_█
__T ___███◕»████████_█
__~ __██████████████
__★ __██████◕»█████
__☆ ___█❤███████

A Girly Girl who CAN have a attitude of a:
U mad "Girly Girls" on most POPULAR things nowadays?

░█░░█░░█░░█░ Yes,
░████░░████░ I do Roleplay
░█░█░░░█░░░░ if I'm in a mood for it or smth
░█░░█░░█░░░░(Why not~★? ([∩∩]))

╔╦╦╦╦═╗I only get hugs by
║╩║║║╔╗My Other OCs/Friends/Trusted BomberFangirls
╚╩╩═╩═╝Teehee~★! ([∩∩])
Things about myself:
#1: I ❤️ my Husbando~♥️ (White Bomber from Classic Bomberman (Canon)) ([U///U]), Without being a "Bomberman Fangirl liking Obscure Stuff (Such as Musoubana/Niyanpai, Poitto, Pukunpa, Pnickies etc.) I will be an IDIOT like SBR!Bomberman Fangirls".

#2: I ❤️ being a Tween Girl~★, because it's my LIFE~★! I will be dressed as a “Girly Girl" with a Tomboyish Attitude about it. ([∩∩])

#3: I REALLY MISS the way that the "Bomberman Fandom" used to be..., Now most of the "Popular Social Media sites" is going to be full of SBR!Bomberman Fangirls & Stuff that I HATE....

#4: NEVER tell me what to do or I WILL BREAK YOUR NECK!!! (Same goes to someone insulting me because I like "Body Inflation", "Big Bellies" or smth) ([|ニ|])

#5: I F███ING CAN'T stand SBR!Bomberman Fangirls... (I HATE those kind of Bomberman Fangirls...)

#6: I DON'T ship my Husbando with Pretty Bomber (Because it’s ANNOYING), Yukie (from Bomberman Next: Here in Kantō/Kinki Editon) (It makes me want to VOMIT...) nor any other ships that I HATE... (So I WON'T and just stick to shipping him with myself & trusted Bomberman Fangirls)

#7: I will also have Obscure x OC, Obscure x Canon & possibly Obscure x Obscure Ships/Pairings (I.E. I ship one of my OCs with a Character from an Obscure Video Game)

#8: Kids like me DON'T always have to go on Popular Fandoms (I will keep a few Popular Things for my Interest, But I will ALWAYS LOVE Classic Bomberman (Canon)~♥️)

#9: I keep some of my stuff PRIVATE because of the Haters' Message, but if you want to comment on any of my Social Medias (That I'm currently at), then just simply BEFRIEND/FOLLOW/CHAT/MESSAGE me (As long as you DON'T contain smth that I hate)

#10: I'm a Bomberman Fangirl who EXTREMELY HATES Super Bomberman R (It's WORSE than Bomberman: Act Zero & those ANNOYING Bomberman/Pretty Bomber shippers)

#11: I'm a Bomberman Fangirl with an Obscure Interest (Which started "Around September-December 2014" after I started being a "Bomberman Fangirl on September 9, 2014"), so if you are an "Obscure Viewer" it's your chance to catch up to any of my Social Medias (I know NOT all of you are going to be Users on the Internet)
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White cat bomber
Relationship Status
Fangirling my cute little Husbando Classic!White Bomber~♥ ([∩///∩])
About Me
★Bomber-Nekomimi (Bomberkitty can count as well~ ([∩∩]))
★Classic!White Bomber Fangirl (Cute, Sweet & Precious little Husbando~♥ ([∩///∩]))
~•★Classic Bomberman (Canon)|Bishoujo/Shoujo Video Games|Humanoid/Headgear/Hybrid Character Designs|Obscure Interest of a Bomberman Fangirl|Retro Gaming|& probably a lot more★•~

•★English/日本語/ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi/Roughly 한국어★•
 United States
Planet Bomber
Fairyfield Stargaze(r)
I have a few... ([UU])
Same with Education... ([UU])
Video Game Fan/Gamer, Artist (Fanart/OC/etc.), Feminine Fashionist (Cute), Imagination Dreamer, Adventurist, Weirdo & Magician (If so)
I rather NOT answer this
Obscure Interest of a Bomberman Fangirl, Playing Video Games, Drawing, Roleplaying (Depends), Thinking of Something & Being Playful
Favorite Movies & Shows
Favorite Music
Video Game Music (Mainly)
Favorite Books
Does the Bomberman Manga count?
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