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...Let the games begin...

Name: Seth Nazar DeLuise
Alias: N/A
Gender: Male
Age: 18. Born October 31.
Height: 5’11”
Race: Human/Nightwalker

Eyes: Red
Hair: Dark brown, almost black
Skin: Pale. Don’t go out in the sun much.

Dark energy
Sensing emotions/presences of others (empathy)
Mind reading/controlling through eye contact.

Fighting Style
Some martial arts
Some swordsmanship

Double bladed scythe

Orientation: Asexual
Crushes: N/A
Relationship status: Single

Father- Adam DeLuise (Villain name: Jig Saw Puzzle)- My father is a workaholic. He works on designing these devices or traps, used for testing the survival of his victims, to see if they are even worthy to live their little, pathetic lives.

Mother- Lilith DeLuise- My mother is the daughter of the demon lord, Abaddon. She’s a dark sorceress, highly skilled in mastering the dark arts. I’m talking about dark magic here. Not dark arts, as in dark and gory paintings. Unlike my father, my mother has always been there by my side. She’s the one that trained me ever since I was able to crawl. She always made time for me, to teach me things. Help with my studies.

Grandfather- Abaddon- Grandfather is the second highest in power demon, next to Trigon himself. No, Abaddon is not the devil, and nor does he dwell in the fiery pits of Hell. My grandfather dwells in darkness. The shadow planes of Hell. He’s a shadow demon, or a Nightwalker. And soon, when the timing is right... Abaddon will be released from Hell, and soon the over-ruler of Earth.

Grandmother- unknown- I never met my grandmother, and my mother doesn’t talk much of her. Although, it has been hinted that my grandmother wasn’t at all a human, but indeed a full blooded demon, that seduced Abaddon to sleep with her, in order to become impregnated with his offspring.

Half-aunt- Shadow- Aunt Shadow. The half human, half demon breed. She’s believed to be the first daughter of Abaddon, after he had mated with an Azarathean Wiccan.

Half-uncle- Red X- Red X or X, believed to be Jason Todd. Former anti-hero, and love interest/husband to Shadow.


--Evalyn (6Lunar6Eclipse6)- Goes by the name Eclipse, and is a member of the Teen Titans and the first daughter of Red X and Shadow. She takes very much after her mother, with having the same powers of dark energy manipulation, portaling, empathy, and magic use. She also takes after her father, with being skilled at hand-to-hand combat, some martial arts, and hacking.

--Jason- The absented-minded son of Red X and Shadow. Drug addicted and meth user. It’s unknown if Jason possess any of his mother’s abilities, but it is known that he has the same powers as his father, being teleportation, invisibility, X shaped projectiles.

--Adam- Identical twin brother to Jason. Adam possesses some level of Empathy, but takes very much after his father, with having the same powers and abilities.

--Shiloh- Red Death, member of the Teen Titans, and leader of Tiny Titans. She’s the youngest daughter of Red X and Shadow. She’s an extreme animal lover, vegetarian, and sugar addicted. Her powers include dark energy X shaped projectiles, teleportation, and invisibility.

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< OOC: Seth is my original character. I’m not roleplaying as Adam from Secret Circle. I’m only using Thomas Dekker (aka Adam) to portray my character. >

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